Release notes

For version 3.2.0:

  • Windows: Unfortunately we did not succeeded in compiling NmzIntegrate 1.3.3 for Windows. Therefore we have uploaded the previous version 1.3 that is almost identical. Moreover, we have uploaded the file runtime library “libiomp5md.dll” that can no longer be statically linked to normaliz.exe.
  • Mac: At present we have not found a possibility to compile Normaliz in such a way that it is statically linked, uses parallelization and has proper exception handling. Since the latter is indispensable and static linking makes life easy for the inexperienced user, we have dropped parallelization from the executable provided by us. If you want parallelization and proper exception handling, please compile Normaliz with shared libraries by clamg (from Homebrew) or gcc (from Fink).